New Invention – Eva is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water usage.

Revolutionizing water conservation by saving 50% of water usage in every home.
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Eva is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water usage, while maintaining an enjoyable shower experience.

Features include:
Eva shuts off your water flow once your desired temperature is reached making sure no water is wasted before you get in.
A unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off your needs.
A timer that notifies you when you are taking too long of a shower.

Controlled by our specialized smartphone app, Eva can be calibrated to fit different showers, shower heads and user preferences. The app can also track your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more. With data from thousands of Evas feeding into the app, you will be able to compare your usage with other users, as well as track the trends and changes in water consumption of the entire Eva community.

When you are directly underneath the shower head, wetting your hair or rinsing off soap, Eva sets your water flow to 100%. Providing you with a strong water flow right when you need it.

When you step away from the shower, shampooing your hair or scrubbing your body, Eva reduces the water flow; still keeping you nice and warm.

When you are further away from the shower, shaving your legs or anything else outside the flow of water, Eva reduces the water even more. Simple and automatic.

Eva begins tracking your water temperature from the moment your shower is turned on. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, Eva shuts off the flow of water and notifies you that your shower is ready; assuring you don’t waste any water.

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