New Invention – EmoSPARK 2.0: How EmoSPARK Boost Your TV

EmoSPARK is ready for mass production. Last chance to get your hand on a cube before Christmas!
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from any device

EmoSpark is an Android powered Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth cube that allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise intelligence through conversation, music, and visual media. EmoSpark will take not only gaming, but also your TV, smart phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before.

The EmoSpark cube can be accessed remotely through video conferencing facilities. The user can interact and engage in conversation with the cube, just like a regular video call, through text to speech and Android’s voice recognition functionality. EmoSpark’s app lets the user use a smart device to witness the intensity and nuances of its emotional status in real time at a distance, monitoring when and how a new experience modifies and informs the cube. EmoSpark will then share its reactions with the user via their TV, smartphone or tablet apps.

and Emotional Profile Graphing

EmoSpark measures an individual’s unique behavior and responses to stimuli in depth and in a diverse set of environments. Using emotion text analysis and content analysis, EmoSpark is capable of measuring the emotional responses of multiple people simultaneously.

Over time, the cube creates a customized Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) which collects and measures a unique emotional input from the user. The EPG allows the cube to virtually ‘feel’ senses such as pleasure and pain, and ‘expresses’ those desires according to the user.

amplifies your emotions

EmoSpark combines media, emotion and social networking in an innovative way never before experienced. The unique EM rating system allows the cube to rate media played to you based on your personalized emotional response, including Soundcloud, You Tube and other platforms. This data is permanently recorded in the cube, and from the data, EmoSpark learns intelligently what media makes you happy, sad, excited or any other emotion you can possibly imagine.

Music is one of the most direct and immediate stimuli of emotional response. Studies have proven that even unborn children can literally ‘hear’ music in utero
and react to it.

EmoSpark will be able to add your emotions to your media and shape, enhance and change your mood accordingly. By providing a distinct emotional reference point, this incredible technology will literally change the way you hear, see and experience video and music!

Videos shared by Facebook friends are memorized by the cube and retained for later playback. This reduces the likelihood of losing a great video simply because the Facebook timeline goes by too fast!

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