New Invention – EcoQube Desktop Ecosystem That Grows Flowers, Herbs and cleans the water!

The most beautiful way to grow herbs, house plants or flowers indoor while using the same plants to clean aquarium water with ease!
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Why EcoQube?

WELL DESIGNED – Built from scratch and 3D printed with every aspect examined and every detail refined. We worked extremely hard to build this from the ground up with a bigger purpose. So that we can scale this same filter for purposes like water sewage treatment, waste water clean-up and even filters for aquaculture.

INNOVATIVE – First ever: compact UV, filter with LED and 2″ filter that pump 100 gallons per hour

BEAUTIFUL – Nature’s most exquisite decoration for any space.

Our names are Eric and Kevin. We’re UC San Diego students and aquarium geeks who met in high school and instantly became intrigued by planted aquatic ecosystems. As we got older, we realized the bigger challenges humanity as a whole faces in terms of food and water shortages so we decided to use our knowledge of aquariums to deliver the concept of aquaponics and the impact it can have to as many people as possible. Here’s some background on us and what we’ve done:

We started out working in various stores. Kevin actually served as a biologist assistant at the Steinhart Aquarium (California Academy of Sciences) where he managed and maintained 100,000 gallon systems as well as serve as the operations manager at Aquatic Central, the largest aquarium specific store in San Francisco. Eric was one of the first employees at Archaea International Corporation (DBA Aqua Forest Aquarium) also based in San Francisco where he focused on sales, customer relations and product user interface development.

We brought our love of aquatic ecosystems with us to college, going from keeping aquariums in a garage in SF to a closet in San Diego. We decided against on-campus housing because we couldn’t bear to part from our passion for aquariums. Right now, we create unique aquatic ecosystems for people in SF and SD, but we’d like to expand our reach to you through the EcoQube!

Solutions Farms (Vista, California)

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