New Invention – Easy Drone: The first modular plug and fly aerial solution

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Easy Drone – new, proprietary design makes it incredibly easy to transport and assemble. Modular and ready to fly out of the box.

EasyDrone is an advanced, modular quadcopter designed for videographers that need quick, easy and affordable aerial shots. It is convenient to transport and quick setup without tools. EasyDrone has wireless video and camera gimbal control built in as standard features.

Functional design that stands out

It has been noted that 2014 is the year of the drone and for a good reason. If you look around you will find a number of drone options for different applications.

However you will notice that all existing multirotors kind of look alike. They are rigid, not modular and hard to take apart for transportation. If you want advanced features like video stream and gimbal options – brace yourself for a spaghetti of wires that you’ll have to deal with every time you want to deploy.

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