New Invention – EarTaps™ – Dynamically Adjustable Earphone fit for Active Lifestyles

Our Dynamically Adjustable EarTaps™ fit different ears & outperform earhooks for better comfort & active lifestyles. Unique + Patented.
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There are three types of earphones – over the head (headphones), those that goes around your ears (earhooks), and the ones you stuff in your ears (earbuds). Specifically Earhooks are cumbersome & uncomfortable (especially for those of us who wear glasses or hats), so we wanted to create an earphone that is visibly difference, dynamically adjustable and better than earhooks.

So while everyone’s ears are different we all have a little downward curled ledge right above our ear canal, so we developed a dynamically adjustable design call EarTaps™ to specifically replace those uncomfortable earhooks, so that people with active lifestyles (or even wear glasses or a hat) can feel more comfortable and enjoy their music.

EarTaps™ is probably the world’s first dynamically adjustable earphone to leverage that little anatomical oddity. You could pay $900 to have a tube of liquid rubber squeezed into your ear to make a mold – hmm… or you could just get our EarTaps™ for a fraction of that, and we want to make EarTaps™ the 4th type of earphones in the market.

Who are EarTaps™ targeted for?

We lead a hectic life already, there are lots of things we need to do every day, sometimes we even have to squeeze in time to do workouts, whether its running, dancing, boxing, skateboarding, doing Yoga, training with TRX, cycling to the baseball park to pick up the kids or just a brisk walk around the mall after lunch, we want an earphone that you can get up and go, and not have to feel like you have to struggle to keep it on.

Why the DIY package?

We know counterfeits will be coming, so why not let YOU copy us instead? For $199 we will send you our mechanical design and the relevant moving parts so that you can 3D print your own!

Brief History:

The Lumin team worked with the WBD101 designers for more than 10 years when those engineers were with their previous employer, both teams have been in the A/V space for more than 12 years designing and building audio/video players, speakers, and accessories to companies like Philips, Sandisk, Belkin and New Balance etc.

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