New Invention – DrumPants: World’s first industrial quality wearable musical instrument.

World’s first industrial quality wearable musical instrument. Watch someone play it to believe it.
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Play whenever inspiration strikes.

Traditional instruments can’t be replaced, but they have not kept up with our increasingly mobile, on-the-go lifestyles. We want you to play anywhere, from jamming with friends to performing live on stage.

Loop and Layer Beats
All the functionality of a looping pedal, built into your shoe! Control looping apps like Loopy (iPad) with the DrumPants foot pedal sensor. Customize different gestures to control different parts of the software:

One tap: start looping. Two taps: overdub. Three taps: delete loop

We Need Your Help

We’re makers ourselves, and so we’ve experienced the joy of creating and the frustration of knowing that our creations were fragile.

The delicate combination of electronics and fabric in our original prototypes called for an industrially manufactured design that speaks to durability and comfort, which we have refined over dozens of iterations with our testers.

Our early prototypes used Arduino and custom circuitry, which made our case 4X larger then it needed to be and uncomfortable to wear. However, our new streamlined custom PCB and case is only cost effective with your help.


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Boombotix so you can drum out loud on the go! All backers pledging for any DrumPants kit will get a 15% discount code for a Boombotix portable speaker. Pledge before December 15th to get your Boombot in time for Christmas!

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