New Invention – DokiWear: The CG Art Glove For Digital Artists

Designed for digital artists and graphic designers who use Cintiqs™ and drawing tablets for art and illustration.
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So…What Is The CG Art Glove All About?

It all started in a studio with an idea, and now we want to make it reality. The digital art glove is a high quality, sports compression, microfiber cleaning glove designed specifically for digital and cg artists, allowing them to work on drawing tablets and Cintiq™ surfaces smoothly, cleanly, easily, and comfortably.

It incorporates several specially designed features to alleviate common problems a digital artist deals with daily. As simple as this concept may be, it has been vigorously designed and tested for over 24 months in studio environments by professional artists.

Where did the idea come from?

The need for an accessory that made drawing easier, more comfortable, and more efficient has now become a reality, rather than something that artists simply dream about. First, many artists, including those at DokiWear, want to work on clean drawing surfaces, free from oils and moisture transferred from the hands onto the glass to dirty up, scratch, and cloud the drawing surface of tablets, Wacom Cintiqs™, and mobile touchscreen devices. Second, we wanted to incorporate hand and wrist support while creating our work of art throughout the day. Third, we wanted quality and durable materials that not only function like a second skin, but are aesthetically good looking as well – after all, we are professional artists. The quick and dirty solution was to purchase cheap simple gloves and cut off 3 of the 5 fingers. It worked; however, the gloves were temporary and fell apart, and costs added up over time. Furthermore, any existing products on the market did not address all the issues we wanted to solve. Thus, as professional artists, we wanted to put something out there for other professional artists with similar problems. After using the final prototype gloves for several weeks, we’ve noticed a vast improvement in the workflow and reduced hand fatigue when working.

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