New Invention – DeB is World’s first device browser system

Create amazing smartphone user interfaces for your Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in minutes and without having to write an app.
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What is it?

DeB is the world’s first device browser. It makes connecting with devices simple and fun for everyone. Just tap using NFC and it’s done.

Together with the ADRC Shield and Hub, DeB opens up a whole new platform for makers allowing you to create wonderful user experiences for your Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects via a smartphone.

We have written the 100,000 lines of code required to implement DeB and ported it to Linux and Android so you don’t need to bother with developing a smartphone app for your project!

Our system consists of three elements: Shield, Hub and DeB.

The ADRC Shield
Shields are boards that can be plugged on top of the Arduino printed circuit board (PCB) to extend its capabilities. We incorporated our Auto-Discovery Remote Control technology onto the ADRC Shield or just Shield for short. It communicates via 802.15.4 communications technology with the ADRC Hub because this radio gives longer range than Bluetooth and uses less power than Wi-Fi.

The ADRC Hub
The ADRC Hub or just Hub contains the other half of our Auto-Discovery Remote Control technology. It acts as a translator between Wi-Fi on the phone and the 802.15.4 radio on the ADRC Shield. Also it is able to run advanced apps such as a rules engine or an energy monitoring service which may be available in the future. And finally it will provide a secure interface to the Internet so that you can safely control your projects when you are away from home.

The Device Browser – DeB
The Device Browser or DeB for short, brings everything together into one coherent and easy to use system. Just as a web browser allows you to view any website, DeB allows you to interact with any ADRC device. DeB is a single app that runs on a smartphone and provides the ability for developers to create customised user interfaces without needing the skills, funds or time required to create a phone app. DeB comes with a set of device templates that work out of the box, allowing you to customise them to suit your needs. You will then enjoy learning and exploring how to create your own fully customised interface.

Who is it for?

DeB is for anyone who wants to create the next generation of cool connected devices.

So if you are a hobbyist, student or engineer, a starter or expert, DeB is for you.

Don’t wait for someone else to create the things you want. Now you can build the future yourself. It’s fun, it’s easy and because you already know Arduino or Raspberry Pi you can get going right away.

Educators in schools, universities and colleges will also find DeB an engaging tool for teaching technology to their students. We are developing pedagogy, exercises and tools that satisfy the Australian national curriculum for years 7 through 12.

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