New Invention – David is a 3D Printer that prints with hundreds of pelletized materials

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Cut the cord on filament forever — print with hundreds of pelletized materials using the next generation of 3D printer technology.

David is a next-generation desktop 3D printer that can create with a rapidly expanding library of pelletized materials. David features both groundbreaking technology and industrial-grade components, all specifically designed to provide versatility, precision, and consistency.

Industry-inspired technology, on your desktop.

Unable to utilize the full power of pelletized materials with current 3D printing technology, we decided to develop our own, which we call FLEX (Fused Layer Extrusion). At its core, FLEX is inspired by proven technology from the plastics industry, but with new features and innovations that make it great for 3D printing.

Using FLEX technology offers many distinct advantages:

An expanded selection of materials.
Increased material quality for better prints.
Reduced material cost per kilogram.

Plastic is Everywhere

Every plastic product, even filament, starts out in pellet form. Because of this, raw pellets are readily available in thousands of different materials, colors, and grades. By printing directly with plastic pellets, David can print with many more materials than traditional 3D printers – making him useful to many more people and industries.

Reduced processing, increased quality and value

There are many additional engineering and manufacturing steps that are involved in turning pellets into filament. These layers of cost add up, and are forwarded directly to your wallet. Additionally, with all of this processing, the likelihood of contamination and reduced quality become very high. Printing with pellets also prevents many issues that currently plague filament-ready 3D printers, including poor tolerances, air bubbles, and contamination.

Finally, using pellets allows for access to a wide variety of unadulterated materials, stripped of several layers of cost and time. In short, you get to print with higher quality materials, for less money.

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