New Invention – Crankpump is a CO2 pump that lives in the hollow axle of Shimano cranks.

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Crankpump is a CO2 pump that lives in the hollow axle of Shimano cranks. Slot it in and forget about it

What is CrankPump?

Most new bicycles have a hollow axle between the pedal cranks. That hollow space is the perfect size for a bike pump. CrankPump is a CO2 pump for Shimano Hollowtech cranks. Simply unscrew the existing plastic bolt, screw in CrankPump, and forget about it until you need it.

Why CrankPump?

Bike pumps are annoying. They live on a bracket that hangs off your bike getting ugly, dirty and lost, or they live in your back pocket beating up your kidneys. Sometimes they live forgotten in your drawer at home or on the road where they fell off. The pump and other stuff needed to repair a tyre hangs off your bike, making it look ugly and un-aerodynamic. CrankPump is a simple way to keep all that stuff from ruining the clean lines of your bike.

How it works

Shimano Hollowtech cranks have a plastic bolt that covers a hollow axle. CrankPump is a CO2 pump that is a simple screw-in replacement for that plastic bolt. CrankPump lives in the axle, hidden out of the way until you need it.

You get the CrankPump CO2 pump axle bolt, removable with just your fingers. The alloy part is made using high-quality CNC machined anodised aluminium, and a tempered steel cartridge piercer. The plastic part that screws in, is fibre-reinforced nylon. You get two TyreZip levers that click onto CrankPump.

You don’t get a CO2 canister, because it is illegal send them air freight. You can pick up CO2 canisters easily from your local bike store – just make sure you ask for a 12g threaded canister (a 12g canister can inflate a road tyre to 90PSI / 6.2 bar).

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