New Invention – ComboZip – Multi-functional Designer Bracelet Extendable cable, Micro USB

Multi-functional Designer Bracelet Extendable cable, Micro USB / Apple High Speed Charging, *External memory (Micro USB only)
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Have you ever had problem with tangled cable…

Cable too short or too long…

Ran out of storage memory?

ComboZip is able to help you to solve all the issues.

What is ComboZip?

ComboZip is a Multi-functional designer bracelet that can help you to charge your phone as a cable, if needed you just unzip to extend the cable. As a portable external memory (*card reader) can help to move and load files between the android phone and the external memory (include video, songs and other documents) as well as a memory stick. After finish use, just zip it back and put it in your bag or as a bracelet on your wrist, handbag, back sack or suitcase. ComboZip is ideal for use anywhere you may travel. *Micro USB version only

To extend the cable; pull off the connectors from the main adaptor cover then hold the connectors separately and pull them in opposite directions. The zip will extend very smoothly.

To close the zip, simply hold the zip handle and slide it along.

Design and Invention Patent Registered

ComboZip is an incredible fashion and technology crossover item.

The main adaptor cover is to protect both connectors on each end of the zip. Plastic silicone is placed between the main adaptor cover and each connectors cover for splash proof purpose. Charging and data transfer interchange switch (Micro USB version only).

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