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Wallet crafted from a new leather, infused with carbon fibre. 9mm thick | lightweight aluminium body | Carbon is built to last an age.

Legacy Carbon

Are you sitting comfortably?


Introducing Carbon VI

Carbon VI is our double capacity model and can hold up to 6 cards in the RFID safe housing.

Legacy Carbon? Sounds powerful. What’s going on there then?

Powerful it is, wanderer. A slimline, metal core wallet bound in carbon fibre impregnated leather to give a long lasting, durable wallet to be handed down the family line. Like watches, furniture and two-piece suits that your Dad no longer fits in, Carbon is to be given to the next generation once you relinquish ownership over it.

Who is it for? Vikings? Space vikings?

Probably but Carbon is really for anyone who is tired of wallets falling apart, creating unnecessary bulges in their pockets and those who want an element of style with their more functional accessories.

Looks next level. What’s it made of?

Next level indeed. Carbon fibre impregnated leather bonded around a laser cut high grade aluminium core.

Keep your cards in Carbon even while using chip & PIN (flapjack not included)

Woah mate, calm it! Carbon fibre impregnated leather?!

You heard it right. This stuff is currently used in high end transport (yachts, supercars and so on) and in Formula One, all due to it’s incredible abrasion resistance.

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