New Invention – CAGEBOT the ultimate robot kit

With Cagebot you can make your robotics visions of the future come true. Today.
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An easy to use platform for robotic applications.

Exciting news!
We will get our molding forms in around two weeks and can start to produce our first batch of bricks. Seems like we can ship earlier than expected.

We are a team of three German engineers from Berlin who love new and creative technology. Ringo and Kai worked several years in a company for industrial automation. There they had built production machines, robots and camera detection systems and installed them in different countries around the world. Jonas on the other hand is currently finishing his studies of Business and Engineering and is now helping us to communicate our project.

Our goal is to create a robotic platform that everyone can use
and is compatible to existing systems, like LEGO Mindstorms.

We are frustrated with the solutions on the market. If you are a technology enthusiast like us, but don’t have the time to learn everything from the beginning you won’t find any product that will satisfy you.

You can build whatever you have in mind.

In order to accomplish this, we created very special bricks, so there is no limit in creation.
You can build whatever you have in mind and will get a very stable structure that won’t bend on your needs. Several creations are possible. You can create for instance robots, 3D printers, bridges, towers, buildings or you build just your own small fully automated factory. On top, we created a software that is easy to understand and will satisfy very fast, without a long manual to read. Check it out!

There are no limits for your creativity!

Our easy-to-use software does not have any limits, even for advanced users. We are using the Arduino® Software Platform to support a growing and really awesome community. You will get help with your own ideas and you can spread yours to support others. It is a very satisfying experience.
And on top of that you could still work with our windows, mac, android or future iOS software to control and set up your creation.

To make this a reality we need your help!

After 3 years of research and development we now have fully functional prototypes in our hand. We are currently a small start up with limited capacities to finance production runs. With your support we will be able to produce our whole product range and to deliver complete sets to your homes for the first time. Additionally, you will speed up further research and development for even more fun and excitement in the future. It is you who can support us in doing so! It is you who enables us to deliver adventure and education to your home!

Education means future!

By supporting us you will invest in the future of many people, not only in our project! Our goal is to support as many people as possible with the chance to learn more about our modern world and the technology within it.

Be one of the first users of Cagebot! Our awesome perks will enable you to become one of the first users in a growing community. Conventional technology is short-lived and fast disposed of. We would like to introduce a system which is modular and can be used even after years.

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