New Invention – Bringrr™ – Helping You Keep Track of What Matters Most

Bringrr™ reminds you to bring your most important things before you drive away and helps you find them if they are misplaced or lost.
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Let’s face it, our lives are hectic. You can think of plenty of times you’ve driven off without something you really needed that day. It’s a frustrating fact of life and, when it happens, we have to turn around and get it or live without that item for the day. Losing track of things was a common problem – until now.

So Bringrr Is More Than Just A Car Charger? How Does It Work?

Yep. Simply pair your phone with Bringrr via bluetooth, and it will make sure you never drive off without your phone again. Every time you start your car, Bringrr will search for your phone. If your phone’s not there, Bringrr notifies you with a friendly flash and sound.

What If I Want To Make Sure The Rest Of My Stuff Is With Me Before I Drive Away?

Good question! This is where BringTags come in. You can attach BringTags to the items you want to keep track of, and worry less. As soon as you start your car, Bringrr searches for your phone and tagged items, like your wallet, backpack, laptop – you name it! If anything is missing, Bringrr will let you know. You will receive a notification on your phone, specifying which tagged item you’ve left behind.

Can I Schedule Bringrr To Look For My Tagged Items Only On Certain Days?

Definitely. You can use the Bringrr App to create a schedule for your tagged items. Bringrr will search for them only on the days and times you specify.

If you travel frequently, schedule the app ahead of time so you don’t leave any crucial items behind. Because you can’t turn around for your things once you’re on a plane!

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