New Invention – BodyEcho: Sleep Better. Feel Better. Measure Everything.

Hack your sleep with the first open source sleep tracker. Coach your way to amazing rest with the most advanced sleep system yet.
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Untangle the Science of Sleep
The BodyEcho device offers the most accurate and powerful mobile sleep tracking solution available.

While other sleep devices and applications may only measure your movement in bed, the BodyEcho uses proprietary sensor technology to give you clear insights into sleep stages (light, deep, REM), unconscious disturbances in your sleep, sleeping position, interruption of breathing, changes in blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), tossing and turning, heart rate, and snoring.

By using technology previously available only in sleep labs, the BodyEcho device can help you achieve your best sleep.

Your sleep data is displayed as an easy to understand mobile app and companion web portal, listening to your body – even while your mind rests. Using the BodyEcho, you can develop better sleeping habits – that will allow you to feel more energized and healthful.

We’ve spent two years developing our sensor technology but need your help to make it a reality. With your help and the Kickstarter community, we will finish our mobile and web applications, finalize our production design, and deliver the first BodyEcho units.

Who is it for?

The BodyEcho is for everyone who wants to take true control of their sleep. Hyperachievers, parents, grandparents, or even plugged-in teenagers can all benefit.

Listen to a podcast with inventor & OxiRate founder Boris Tverskoy as he talks to Matt Ward of about creating the BodyEcho sensor, his background in telecommunications and medical devices, as well as the merging of technology and community for empowering and enriching our lives. Check out the intriguing and thought-provoking podcast: or play it here:

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