New Invention – Blue Planet Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board are Portable, Durable and Fun.

Help us kickstart our line of 2014 Inflatable Blue Planet Stand Up Paddleboards! Portable, Durable and Fun. Stand Up Paddle anywhere!
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Who we are & What we’re doing.

Hi, I’m Robert Stehlik, the owner of Blue Planet Surf in Honolulu, Hawaii. We designed three new, 6″ thick inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard models and want to bring them to market for the 2014 summer season. I have personally tested the prototypes extensively, including paddling the 10’6″ “Multi-tasker Air” model through the rapids of the Grand Canyon for 16 days. The performance of these boards is amazing, considering the convenience of being able to pack everything into a backpack and check it onto a flight as regular luggage, not to mention the ease of storing and transporting, as well as safety and durability advantages over hard boards. I am convinced that our inflatables are an excellent product and a great value for anyone that wants to experience and enjoy the wonderful sport of Stand Up Paddling. Unfortunately, due to our design width and thickness, our manufacturer is requiring a high minimum order and we simply cannot sell enough of these boards through our shop in Honolulu to justify ordering them without having some boards pre sold, nor do we have the funds to prepay for the production run, so we need your support to make it happen!

Product development:

After testing inflatable SUP from several other manufacturers we felt that we can improve on what’s on the market and started designing our own line of boards with features we thought would be useful and with improved outlines and rocker lines.

If you are interested on how these boards are set up, pumped up and used, you can watch the video below that shows how to use our first generation of inflatable SUP’s

We were stoked with our first generation of boards and are almost sold out of our first production run. We wanted to improve on them and started working on our second generation of inflatables. Our specific goals were to make them stiffer, more stable and more suitable for entry level use, so we designed our new prototype using a thicker, 6″ drop stitch material (our first generation of inflatables is 4″ thick) and some extra re-enforcement strips that make the boards significantly more rigid. The thicker rails also make the boards very stable and user friendly. Our first sample was ready in the Summer of 2013, just in time to test it on a trip through the Grand Canyon, which was perfect to put the boards through some rigorous testing. We ran over sharp rocks, through some crazy rapids and got everyone in our group to try them. The boards performed great.

We love these boards and are eager to get them into production so more people can enjoy them, which is why we launched this campaign and hope we can count on your support.

If you don’t want to wait ’till May for your board, click here to see our currently available inflatable SUP’s

Note: If you missed our early backer special offer, check the project updates to see how you can still get both the free carbon paddle and free Bravo BP12 electric pump.

How it’s going to work.

We decided to give Kickstarter a try and are offering our boards at a great low price to backers of our project (ranging from just $849 to $899, boards from other manufacturers with similar quality and features sell for $1,400 or more). We can do this by going directly from the factory to you with no additional markups and are even throwing in a bunch of extra freebies to entice you to back our project by pre ordering a board by January 5TH, 2014 and help us make our 2014 inflatable board lineup a reality. We have set our funding goal at $30,000 and will only go ahead with the production run if we can reach this goal by January 5TH.

If you fund our project by ordering a board through this campaign, we will throw in our high performance, lightweight three piece carbon travel paddle with padded bag at no extra charge (a $269 value), plus you get free shipping to any US address, which is another $70-100 value. If you prefer, we can also send you a free 12V electric pump (Bravo BP12, valued at $129 plus shipping) and 3 piece aluminum paddle instead of the 3 piece carbon paddle.

To get things going, we are offering an even better deal for the first 10 boards backed in this campaign: The free 3pc carbon paddle AND a free electric pump, which is an incredible value for the money and we expect these to go quickly (This deal is available only of the first 3 pcs of the 10’0″, 4 pcs of the 10’6″, and 3 pc of the 12’6″= first 10 boards total)

Help us kickstart our line of 2014 Inflatable Blue Planet Stand Up Paddleboards! Portable, Durable and Fun. Stand Up Paddle anywhere!
Support this Project on Kickstarter:

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