New Invention – BluAmp Bluetooth Amplifier plays straight from your phone over bluetooth.

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Small and powerful amplifier plays straight from your phone over bluetooth, on any speakers.

Thank you for checking out the BluAmp Bluetooth Amplifier on Kickstarter! We are so excited to show you what we have got.


Times have changed. Almost everyone has replaced their CD library with a digital music library and their radio with Internet radio. Instead of hauling around discs and boom boxes, everything is accessible in that tiny little music player in your pocket that doubles as a phone. The BluAmp brings your music to life, and plays it out loud with crisp highs, heart pounding bass, true stereo separation and all the rich detail of a live performance.

Once you pair the BluAmp with your Smartphone over Bluetooth, it never needs adjustment and is always in standby ready to go with no wires and no fuss. All you need to do is walk into the reception radius to hear your music in full fidelity on the BluHifi speakers. The depth of sound, rich bass and sparkling highs will amaze you.


The BluAmp is built to connect to any speakers. Revive those hifi speakers you bought in college, or pair it with a set of brand new mighty BluHifi bookshelf speakers. You can even drive your favorite brand of full size high fidelity speakers with this little wonder.

At BluHifi we know that building an excellent speaker is really difficult, and the speakers often make or break the listening experience. That’s why we designed the BluAmp to drive any speaker, and gave it enough power to rock even the biggest.

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