New Invention – BigSound 15W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Powerful 15W Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 3000mAh Battery. Accurate, Loud, Hands-free Calls, NFC and Many More Features.
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The advent of technology continually brings innovation to people’s lives. Stuff is getting super handy and music is no exception. It was not so long ago that when we think of speakers, what comes to our minds first are big huge boxes, but today music can be played anywhere with wireless tech, whilst delivering amazing sound quality. So here we are with our AudioFlow BigSound. Roaring to make some real sound!

It is a beautiful & robust design. It combines best in class electronics and speaker drivers to create incredibly rich and loud sound.

Skiva AudioFlow BigSound is high powerful 15W portable Bluetooth speaker designed for music lovers to enhance their music experience. Once your hear it it will blow your mind. This little guy can pump some power. BigSound delivers almost 3 times more power than other ordinary 6W speakers.

The Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Lithium battery provides 8+ hours of playtime to listen at full volume. Much more if you listen at lower volume. Now you can listen your favorite music even at outdoor trips, home, office, gym, parties or just chilling out at the Beach without compromising quality. It provides easy pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices and also plays all audio devices through 3.5mm Aux-in cable. Hence, it makes your music world simple but more fabulous. Also it has built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling. It is not only speaker, its a beautiful experience.

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