New Invention – BI V2.0 3D Printer – One of the largest 3D build volumes with high precision

Offering one of the largest 3D build volumes with a sturdy self-replicating frame and an outstanding print quality!
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The Boots Industries BI V2.0 is a delta style 3D printer featuring widely available and self-replicating 3D printed components. Innovation is at the forefront of the reinforced frame and triple pulley system, allowing for a large build volume and high quality 3D printed pieces.

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What is 3D printing?

3D printing is an exciting technology that allows the everyday user to create 3 dimensional objects from various plastics. Nearly any object you can imagine is built layer by layer by continuously pushing plastic through a ”hot end” with a narrow tip that positions the molten plastic on the build surface of your BI V2.0.

Why BI V2.0?

The BI V2.0 capably produces very large 300 mm diameter X 300 mm height prints and features an amazing print quality (Be sure to read more about the definition of a true delta build volume below). Our design can support up to triple extrusion and can print virtually any 1.75 mm filament extruding at up to 240 degrees Celsius (PLA/ABS/Nylon etc.). The most unique aspect of the BI V2.0 is our innovative approach towards a self-replicating design which permits the simple creation of extremely precise movement. The end result: the highest standards of print quality. The self-replicating design of the BI V2.0 empowers you to create your own machine and share this technology with your family and friends. Once you receive the BI V2.0, you can print, improve upon and share components so that anyone can build their own printer at a very low cost.

Our assembled components remove the longest and trickiest steps from the equation (i.e. stringing the pulleys, wiring the towers etc.). With our simple to follow instructions the partial assembly will take between 30 minutes and an hour of work.

How did the BI V2.0 come about?

Boots Industries was founded in 2012 by Jean Le Bouthillier, MSc and François Crête, BEng with a goal of making 3D printing more accessible by offering high quality at an affordable price. After the successful concept development and creation of the BI V1.0 (As well as the sale of many kits and fully assembled versions), a significant amount of positive feedback, suggestions and feature requests were received. The BI V2.0 represents the evolution of our work considering these facts on delta style printers and reinforces our core belief that with the right components and a little bit of ingenuity there are no limits in terms of the creation of a high precision, large build volume 3D printer at a relatively low cost.

Thanks to several key design features, the BI V2.0 is capable of producing high quality prints in either PLA, ABS, Nylon or a variety of materials extruding at up to 240 degrees Celsius.

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