New Invention – Bee Kind is The first friendly insect remover without harming them.

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Remove insects from your home in seconds without harming them. Don’t destroy insects. Have fun and Bee-kind.

What’s the Bee-Kind Project about?

The Bee-Kind is the friendly way of removing unwanted insects from your home. It’s easy to use, fast, hygienic and much better for the natural environment.

Have you ever chased a fly around a room trying to swat it with a newspaper, an electrified tennis racket or a vacuum-based bug-catcher? We all know it’s not that easy. Well, now you can catch that fly within seconds even if it’s on the ceiling, without staining the wallpaper or knocking grandmother’s priceless vase off the shelf. In fact you don’t even harm the fly. You just release it outside.

The basic principle of the Bee-Kind is a tube within a tube that utilizes both air-pressure and vacuum simultaneously.

The Bee-Kind is pointed at the insect at a distance that doesn’t frighten the insect into moving or flying away. By pressing the start button, air is blown in the direction of the insect through the outer tube. The insect’s natural instinct kicks in when it feels the change in air-pressure and the insect clings tighter to the surface.

Moving the Bee-Kind closer to the insect increases the air-pressure and gently pins the insect down. The insect is then vacuumed into a containment area through the inner tube. Releasing the start button automatically closes the entrance valve to the containment area and the insect is unable to escape.

Releasing an insect is even simpler. Just turn the upper section of the Bee-Kind 180 degrees to reverse the air-flow in the Bee-Kind. Press the same button and the insect is blown out of the containment area unharmed into the environment.

Where did the idea for the Bee-Kind originate?
The idea for the Bee-Kind came to me one summer evening while I was relaxing in the garden enjoying a late summer breeze together with the intoxicating perfume of the flowerbeds and the humming of the bees. When I noticed that even with the fluctuating breeze conditions, the bees were not being blown off the flowers. They just tightened their grip on the petals and carried on collecting pollen. It was this natural insect reaction that gave me the idea for the Bee-Kind. With this basic idea and a lot of brain strain, I figured out a way of, not only catching insects but also an efficient way of releasing the insects without harming them.

Early prototypes

Here are a few of my earlier prototypes. Believe me, there were a lot of plastic pipes, glue and hours and hours of sanding down involved. They all worked reasonably well, but the internal volumes were not correct and they would never have received a first prize for design.

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