New Invention – Artison RCC Nano Subwoofer: Incredible Bass from a tiny space

Incredible bass from a tiny space!!! This little Nano will outperform subwoofers 2-3 times the size!
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Why did we make Nano?

To recreate the experience of an explosion or the subtleties of low frequency harmonics in music of all types, a subwoofer is critical for the reproduction of loud dynamic impact as well as the most delicate musical passages.

Until now, the choices were a large box that is often difficult to place and live with, or a small subwoofer with more limitations than benefits.

Nano offers a third choice — one that is designed to satisfy every consumer. A very small subwoofer, Nano can be placed almost anywhere in a room, filling it with true high performance bass that is detailed, dynamic, and most important, accurate.

What makes Nano so special?

With more than 45 years of designing high performance audio speakers that look as good as they sound, we knew we could create a Best in Class subwoofer, and we did so without forcing consumers to stare at a big black box to make it so.

From the Reactance Cancelling Configuration (vibration free technology) that we pioneered in our first subwoofer (explained in the video below) to the aluminum enclosures, long throw aluminum drivers, DSP controlled electronics, and a feature set that will appeal to any lover of high quality sound. Nano represents a quantum leap forward in subwoofer design.

Fun in the making

Over the last two years, Nano has been the primary focus of Artison product development. We were able to exceed our original goal of high performance from a tiny enclosure, while maintaining the performance of a much larger subwoofer to a far greater degree than even we originally anticipated. Everything from the cabinet design to the placement of the amplifier and the driver performance was scrutinized in order to make sure every detail was taken into account.

This is Matthew our head of engineering having fun in the lab testing amplifiers which would eventually be adapted for Nano

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