New Invention – AngelBlocks : Home Automation Redefined

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Small Internet connected wireless devices that work together to automate your apartment, house, farm, or wherever you call home.

What is AngelBlocks?

Unlike normal home automation that only works with lights and appliances, AngelBlocks works with all of your things, from your kitchen lights to your bathroom trash can. AngelBlocks are tiny, battery powered, wireless building blocks that can be attached to your things giving them the ability to sense and control the environment around them and to communicate with you using messaging and popular social media. Push an AngelBlock into your plant and it will text you when it gets thirsty. Stick one on your washer and get notified the instant your laundry is done. Place one in your car and it can automatically shut your garage door, turn off lights and appliances, and enable your home’s security when you pull out of the driveway.

AngelBlocks work together to create the most inexpensive, easiest to use, flexible home automation system on the market today. They work with existing technologies like Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue Lighting, NinjaSphere, and IP Cameras to name a few.

AngelBlocks are truly wireless: they can operate for more than 5 years from a couple of AAA batteries and transmit more than 1000 feet indoors and 2 miles outdoors. They are so powerful, they can transmit through metal, allowing you to use them inside of mailboxes and refrigerators without a problem.

Your privacy and security are protected because we do not use an external cloud server; your data and control remains local even when you are half way around the world. In fact, your AngelBlocks will continue to work for you even if your Internet goes down. When this happens, all Internet related activity is buffered. When the Internet comes back up, all of the stored actions are executed.

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