New Invention – 360 Product Photography Turntable and Software

Software Controlled 360 Product Photography Software + Turntable. Easily create high quality 360 product views in 5 min. per product.
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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Affordable Solution for High Quality 360 Product Photography

Problem: The 360 Product Photography Turntable market is currently being dominated by high priced professional grade equipment manufacturers. These solutions, although easy to use and include necessary features required to streamline the 360 product photography process, come with price tags starting well upwards of $2,000. On the other end of the spectrum, the low cost turntable solutions don’t support nor fully integrate professional grade cameras and often require users to pay a hefty monthly fee for hosting the 360 creations.

Solution: A low cost motorized turntable and software solution that integrates a professional grade camera (Nikon and Canon DSLR support) and includes features and functionality to streamline the 360 product photography workflow.

How it Works – Users simply connect a compatible camera via USB to their computer and through the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, they are now able to automate the 360 product photography workflow. Shutter Stream 360 includes a simple UI layout and easy to use features for users of any skill level. Camera control is now all done through mouse clicks and include numerous Image Composition Features (Live View, Adjusting Camera Settings, Focal Point Adjustment, Pre-Crop, Image Overlay), Image Editing Features (can be applied in a batch process) and Image Processing/Output Features (can be applied in a batch process). The dedicated 360 workflow allows users to define how many images they wish to shoot when working with an Iconasys turntable. When ready to start shooting, users simply turn on the turntable and image capture is synchronized with turntable movement (completely automated capture at evenly spaced intervals). The included 360 Product View Creator software will allow users to import their set of JPG images then output an interactive 360 product view in HTML5 format that can be self hosted on your own website. Users can expect to shoot, edit, process and output a 360 product view compiled of 20 individual images in less than 5 minutes.

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