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The Most Powerful and Affordable Smart Glass based on Cutting Edge Technology

The ORA Smart Glass is a new paradigm in wearable computing. It is the most powerful and affordable device available anywhere. we’re releasing two models, the ORA-1 and the ORA-X.

What is the difference between the ORA-1 and the ORA-X?

ORA-1: Developer platform and enterprise/professional model including SDK. This model will allow app developers and enterprise customers to create never before seen applications and use cases. It will lay the foundations for this nascent eco-system to thrive.

ORA-X: Streamlined version with the same technology and features of the ORA-1 but made for consumers. This model will lead the way for mainstream adoption of Smart Glasses through cutting edge technology made affordable.

The disruptive retinal projection technology at the heart of the ORA is protected by nine international patents. It is based on molded plastic and is the most robust and scalable technology available.
It has superior performance in terms of power efficiency, display size, and resolution. The see-through virtual display has 3X the surface area and is twice as bright as the competition for an awesome user experience.

It includes the “Flip-Vu” feature to position the display in two modes (AR and Glance). It makes both “Augmented Reality” and “info snacking” possible with one product.

The ORA can run apps independently as a standalone Android device and includes a camera, 9 axis sensor, full suite of connectivity (BT, Wi-Fi, GPS), trackpad, and a powerful dual core microprocessor with enough memory to support complex applications.

It runs many Android apps natively! We are using a standard version of Android with very little customization.
It includes the Wikitude AR browser for an AR experience out of the box. Some versions also include the Wikitude AR SDK to build powerful augmented reality applications.

The ORA is like an Android tablet in the form of eyeglasses. It enables a multitude of mobile computing and AR applications like never before!

These major advantages are key success factors to pave the way for the next paradigm in wearable computing.

We need your support and want you to be part the journey.

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