MUSIC FINGERS® 🖐 play music tapping along 🎶

Music Fingers is a wearable instrument and playful technology designed to create music and to play along just by tapping your fingers. Grab yours for $70 using our affiliate link 🎵 🎵

We’ve created a wearable instrument — a device that allows you to feel the music at your fingertips 👍🏿 It is a gadget, shaped like a finger thimble, with triggers that allow you to play different instruments & sounds on any surface.

This is Music Fingers®, a wearable instrument and a playful technological platform that invites & enables anyone, who feels music in their fingers, to create music & to play along their favorite songs just by tapping their fingers.

Playful technology designed to invite & enable anyone to play music just by tapping your fingers in any situation, anytime, anywhere, on·the·go… unleash your fingers & let’em play!

Music Fingers® is a device to play music whenever you want, wherever you are; even while you dance! It works on any of your fingers. Its design is adaptable to any age or hand size. And it’s extremely light & wireless, so it provides total freedom of movement. [ detailed description of design & specifications further down ]

How It Works? It is as simple as this:

Put your Music Fingers® on, connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, select instruments, sampled sounds or loops from our mobile app and start playing by tapping the triggers.

Bring your music to life by tapping your Music Fingers® and play lit music on·the·go!

Music Fingers® also comes with a music making app enabling you to create your own music tracks and to play along your favorite songs. Choose genres, instruments, loops & sounds and, then, tap your Music Fingers® to make beats and to play music! Unleash your fingers, finger drum, experiment, have fun, mix styles, combine instruments, and make your music talent shine with Music Fingers®.

It is a playful easy-to-use music maker app that helps you bring out the artist in you. A simple way to create music quickly. Here are some of its exceptional features:

👉🏽 An extensive library of sounds & music tracks, including some of the most popular genres: Hip-hop, Trap, EDM, House, Pop, Rock…

👉🏽 Record your own samples.

👉🏽 Use loops to create your own versions and your own original music.

👉🏽 Play with other instruments, accompany a voice or combine with other Music Fingers®. The possibilities are endless!

👉🏽 Share your creations and let your music resonate amongst friends and family, and, why not, around the world through our social media integrations.

Playful, easy-to-use, fun and functional, Music Fingers® serves well the purpose of inviting & enabling anyone who feels music in their fingers –professional musicians, beat makers, producers or just music enthusiasts– to challenge their inner artist through wearable technology; to make music from your heart, your soul, tapping your finger tips.

Unleash your fingers & let’em play!

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end March 21, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then 🎵 🎵

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