MoXi – Makes your Home smart based on accurate indoor positioning data

Next generation smart home system based on accurate indoor positioning data that does not require you to carry any device.
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MoXi is about making your home truly SMART.

We all love the idea of a smart house can adapt to what we do and need. However, today all we can do is installing one or more smart home systems that sense our phone (or something like it) to know if we are home. But what if the phone battery is empty? What if I want to know of an intruder? What about accidents? What about having the lights follow us as we move around?

With MoXi this is now all possible.

MoXi is an innovative high-resolution indoor positioning system where no smartphone (or other device) needs to be carried around. Imagine what is possible if you add to your home control system the possibility of knowing where every person is at home. You can get lights follow you as you move around. Open and close doors as you are passing through. Detect if a person has fallen or is leaving the room or the house. Detect a non-authorized intrusion while you are at home sleeping.

All that was only a dream, and it is now possible!

MoXi is an innovative high-resolution indoor positioning system for any close building. Detection and tracking of people is done anonymously. MoXi provides real-time counting and tracking of people with an accuracy of about 30cm/1 foot . By combining this information with information about the house itself (such as the position of a door or a bed), MoXi can be used to detect a wide range of events in real time, day and night.

MoXi consists of three parts: MoXi positioning sensors, MoXi coordinators and the MoXi application.

The positioning sensors are battery powered. They can be placed on the wall for example with double-sided industrial tape. Each sensor is controlled and transmits data wirelessly to the closest MoXi coordinators. Normally four sensors are needed to cover a room (up to 10m x 10m, 32ft x 32ft) and sometimes five with L-shaped rooms.

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