MOTA SmartRing keeps you connected with what matters most. Calls, texts, social media in style

MOTA SmartRing keeps you connected with what matters most. Calls, texts, social media in style.
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Balancing work and life is never easy. Smartphones promised to help, but they’ve become almost too helpful. Smartphone notifications have proliferated to the point of almost being out of control. Apps, too, compete for your attention. Almost anything or anyone can use your phone to intrude on your time. The MOTA SmartRing wirelessly connects to your SmartPhone and updates you on only the notifications you want, right at your fingertips.

The MOTA SmartRing cuts through the clutter, giving you newfound freedom over your connected life. You alone decide with whom and with what you want to connect.

The ring lets you scroll through text at your own speed. Whoever your VIPs are, you’ll ensure you never miss another text, email, or phone call from them again!

Customize your ring to notify you only of a select few if you’re crunching low on time. Expand your circle of contacts for when you don’t mind being in touch with the world. The MOTA SmartRing gives you back the most precious thing of all: time.

Charging this ring is as easy as taking it off and putting it down. The MOTA SmartRing allows you to stay wire-free, charging your SmartRing via its charging station. Simply place your ring on top of the inductive wireless charging station, and let the ring top itself off.

Picture yourself in a meeting where answering a phone call would be impolite. No worries, you can customize your phone to alert you only when necessary, and read the alerts right from your ring, not even having to take out your phone. The MOTA SmartRing helps you streamline your life . Even with your phone buried in a bag or purse, you can still be updated on all your incoming text messages, right from your SmartRing.

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