Meet WÜF, The World’s Smartest Dog Collar

With two-way audio, GPS & Gamification, WÜF’s goal is to make training and maintaining a happy and healthy dog easier than ever before.

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Have you ever been humiliated when your new friends come over and your dog proceeds to jump all over them no matter what you say?

Well, YOU, my friend, need a WÜF!

Have you ever been terrified or brought to tears when your dog ran away from home and you thought you’d never see your best friend again??

Then WÜF is perfect for you.

Have you ever missed your dog so much when away at work and wish you had a way to check in and say hi?

Well, you guessed it – WÜF is for you too!

Have you ever been concerned about your dog’s health, wondering if he’s getting the exercise he needs or if you’ll even know when to bring him to the vet?

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