Manara is an intuitive and minimalist desk lamp 💡

Manara: Your Surroundings Illuminated by Intelligence. Grab one for around $189 using our affiliate link ✨

Manara is a modern and minimalist interpretation of the classic desk lamp. Its intelligent sensors allow it to have intuitive awareness of its surroundings, making it a lamp of the future. Manara’s design and smart functionality enables you to transform any space to an assortment of ambiances with ease.

💡 Manara Smart Lamp Features 💡

✔️ Control Lighting via touch sensitive frame
✔️ Detects your motion and keeps your surroundings lit
✔️ Sound reactive lighting for immersive experiences
✔️ Directional Lightings
✔️ Create Gradients
✔️Mobile App Control

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end March 6, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then here ✨

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