LUPI is a smart phone cover that compactly stores your headset

LUPI: the smart phone cover that compactly stores your headset. With a conscience – optimizing your health & protecting our environment
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Let me help you avoid the frustration of tangled phone headsets (or earphones), minimize your daily radiation exposure, detract from landfill, provide a recyclable option and fund projects that help humanity and protect the environment all in one pledge!

For twelve months, I have been working on LUPI – a smart phone cover that stands for more! Now I need your help to start large-scale international production.

Did you know that nearly all mobile phone covers are not recyclable?

LUPI is a protective mobile phone cover that compactly stores your headset. LUPI is made from 100% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable and through utilizing your headset (away from your body and head) minimizes your mobile phone radiation exposure.

Don’t you think its strange that mobile phones come with headsets and the World Health Organization recommends that we use devices that keep our phones away from our head and body when in use – and yet at times we don’t use our headsets due to time pressures or lack of convenience?

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