Knowbility – Help create online training to make the web accessible to people with disabilities

Help us create online training to make the web accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly.
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Most sites and apps are built by people who haven’t included disability as a design consideration – and Knowbility is out to change that with this project. We want to provide designers, developers, and managers with just-in-time resources that help them understand web accessibility. Our goal is to build the first two of eight training modules.

1) Overview of Web Accessibility
2) Accessibility Testing Strategies and Techniques
When web professionals consider accessibility as a design requirement, they become better at what they do. Almost all sites and apps are built with the best of intentions. Designers and developers balance their understanding of the needs of customers with their own business goals. But it is important for the online world to remain a place of inclusion – that’s a fundamental principle of the web. It should not be a place where people with disabilities have to overcome unnecessary barriers simply to apply for a job, take an online course, post to social media, or order a doll for a niece’s birthday. Inclusive design often gets overlooked because of a lack of awareness, experience, and training.

With the foundational training we will create in this project, we can make web accessibility a fore-thought rather than an after-thought.

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