KittySpring 🐈 is The Most Cat Friendly Water Fountain on Earth 🌎

Keep your picky drinker always hydrated with non-electric & whisker-friendly water fountain without having to refresh their bowls! Grab one using our affiliate link 🐈 🐈

✔️ Licking water from KittySpring’s shallow and wide dish is a pleasure. My adorable whiskers never brush against it and never hurt because of whisker stress!

✔️ KittySpring ensures I satisfy my daily need for a cup of fresh water (0.8 oz/lb) for 2 looong days. Now Mom and Dad don’t need to fill up my bowls and refresh the water in them several times a day. It’s a life saver for both of us!

✔️ I’ve already paw-tested KittySpring. After hitting the light yet stable fountain a few times, it never flipped over! The fountain stands strong against any of my paw attacks. No more puddles of water, I promise.

✔️ KittySpring is made of FDA and RoHS certified materials, which means all of its components are 100% non-toxic, safe, and me-friendly.

Grab a KittySpring using our affiliate link 🐈 🐈

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