King Fridge – The Cool Card Game

King Fridge –

Draw & remember cards to sabotage your allergic friends and keep away from fatal fruits in this fast and strategic 2-6 player game.

King Fridge is a fun, fast & strategic card game.

The goal is to get the lowest score. Every player starts the game with four fridge cards face-down in front of them. Check and remember the nearest two fridge cards. Now, play the game by taking turns drawing a fridge card. Swap it for one of the fridge cards in front of you or discard it. Your cards will remain face-down during the game. The options when taking your turn:

Be on edge to dump one of your fridge cards when someone discards a card with the same dish/number as your own. Only one card may be dumped in each turn, so be quick. You snooze, you lose.

All fridge cards carry a number, ranging from -2 to 30. Collect the lowest numbers to win! Watch out for the Fatal Fruit…

Some fridge cards state an action. When you discard a fridge card, you must use its action. Use actions to check out other players’ cards and improve your own. Always remember your allergies, and play special cards to further spice up the game!

Are you confident enough that you have the lowest number of points? Claim King Fridge to try to improve your score even further and to initiate the end of the round.

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