iPUMP ® The lightest air pump in the world. Carbon fiber body, Presta connector for bicycle riders. 21 grams that can save your life!!

Cogito Ero Sum – that latin term that means thinking about something proves you exist. To us, it seemed as if Cyclists needed a pump that was light, strong, compact, aerodynamic, user friendly, impenetrable to high air pressures, durable, ergonomic and easy to store.   And never worry about getting your finger pinched while you are pumping up!!!

And thanks to the flexible yellow high pressure hose connected directly to the Presta air valve connector, you never have to worry about braking your bicycle tire air valve or getting your hands dirty while mounting and dismounting the Presta air valve connector, since you never touch the tire.

The iPump Micro is our solution!!!

And at less than half the weight of other pumps,  we just love the iPUMP Micro.  And we hope you will too!!!

To make the iPUMP Micro, there are a number of very high technology manufacturing machines necessary.  The one which impressed me most is called a CNC machine (you can see it in the video).  That machine, once programmed properly and the proper bits are mounted, just keeps running  continuously for 24 hours a day forever.  Truly fascinating!!  The owner of the factory is not very happy to stop one of his CNC machines just to manufacture 1000 parts for the iPUMP.  But after seeing and sharing our enthusiasm, he agreed to do it.

Then, the carbon fiber pipe factory owner must hate us by now.  So many samples were made  just to get the exact right one having the right dimensions to provide the right air pumping characteristics.  But he also shares our enthusiasm.

Then there is the joint for connecting the polyurethane hose to the Presta air valve connector.  That part is as small as the tip of your ball point pen and stronger than an elephant.  It can withstand incredible forces.  Its made of stainless steel, but because its so small, it hardly weighs anything.  Of course I invented it!!!  Its fantastic!!!

And the list goes on and on.  If you want to invent the world’s lightest coolest air pump, you have to be creative. And honestly speaking,  you need a little LUCK!!!

No matter how smart you are, sometimes you need a little help from the universe!!

Written by Thinker

Real name is Onil Maruri and I am an Entrepreneur giving a helping hand to others I can help.

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