Invention – TriClops HID GoPro Adaptive Lighting Technology

TriClops is the smallest and most versatile HID Lighting Technology designed specifically for use with all GoPro accessories.
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“Patent Pending” TriClops will go anywhere you need a HID (high intensity display) light source. With 3 powerful 10W LEDs capable of delivering up to 2500 lumens where will you go?

High Output Power – (3) Powerful 10W LEDs in this tiny package generate repeatable brightness levels that are carefully controlled with an ultra-thin SMT circuit board

User Selectable Modes – the TriClops comes with (6) lighting modes for all of your outdoor needs including: Night Riding, Trail Running, Camping, Search & Rescue, RC Hobbies, Spelunking, Mountaineering, Late-Night Car Repairs, 24 hour events, Roadside Safety, Power Outages, and many other GoPro Activities
High Tech – The TriClops brain has an on-board micro-controller that utilizes timers, precision feedback sensors, and a highly customized control loop to smoothly control current fed to the LEDs. The firmware also detects changes in the battery and is able to maintain (6) setpoints (levels of brightness kinda like cruise control in a car)

Battery Conscious – The TriClops knows when the battery is new, discharged, over charged and even if you connect to the wrong battery…. it just knows. On board LED indicators let you know if you there is a problem with over current, under voltage or over voltage

Temperature Conscious – The TriClops detects if the LEDs become too hot and auto folds back through the modes until it reaches a mode that is sustainable until cooled off
Burst Mode – Mode 6 allows the user to delivery a full 1.5A of current to the lights producing an amazing 2500 lumens for short bursts of 45-60 seconds, great for getting that action shot in or getting someones attention

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