Innway Accent is the Best Smart Tracker Wallet of 2020

The Innway Accent is a slim wallet with a smart design and functions live on Kickstarter and you can grab one for $47 using our affiliate link here –

More about the Innway Accent is the best wallet of 2020!

Find your phone – Press the button on Accent and your phone rings, even if it is on silent!
Find your Accent – Use the Innway app to make your Accent ring.
Last seen location – The Innway app marks the last seen location of the wallet on the map.
Rechargeable battery – A full charge takes 2 hours and lasts at least 6 months.
Quick card release – Push the quick-release trigger to pop your cards out.
Anti-slip design – The Accent holds your cards so they don’t fall out but they are still easy to remove by hand.
Quick card swipe – Scan with your card without having to take it out of the Accent, then push it back in.
Quick cash draw – Easily count your cash and pull out the note you need.
RFID-blocking – The aluminum case prevents malicious RFID-swiping of your cards.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end February 27, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then here –

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