Inertix Cyberpunk Exoblade is the Best EDC Knife of 2020 🗡️

The Inertix Cyberpunk is EDC Fully Customizable Urban Device for Big Dreamer with 40 Features. Compact Personal Ninja-Tool Techwear Metropolis Traveler Outfit. Grab one using our affiliate link 🗡️ 🗡️

Welcome to the alternate Reality where everything is already good and Humanity is stepping into the era of positive Cyberpunk.

Inertix is the 3rd generation of the classic pocketknife for the city and for living on the move, with an extremely sharp M390 blade and 2 cutting surfaces for special tasks.

🔥 Limited edition for collectibles and historical authenticity.
🔥 Peculiar ring for inertial handling.
🔥 Options for quick and tactical opening in the city.
🔥 All the necessary properties for daily use.
🔥 Environmental friendly materials and ecological operations are balanced.
🔥 Low weight and ultra-precise configuration for perfect operation

Learn more about the Inertix Cyberpunk 🗡️ 🗡️

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