iFu BS1 is a Compact Safety Power Screwdriver 🪛 ⚡

Marker-sized powerful electric screwdriver for electronics, home appliances and even FURNITURE, but much more than just a screwdriver. Grab one for about $26 (46% off retail) using our affiliate link ✨ http://bit.ly/iFuBS1

Meet iFu BS1 Electric Screwdriver 🪛 ⚡

Small size, big power, it is the perfect replacement for all your manual screwdrivers and other small electric screwdrivers.

Boasting a torque of 1.0Nm (electric) / 5Nm (manual), iFu BS1 is the most powerful electric screwdriver of its size. With 3 adjustable speeds and a meticulous selection of bits that comes with (a tube of 20 extra bits available for BS1 Pro and BS1 Combo), it could work on objects big and small, from delicate electronics, toys, home appliances to furniture, light fixture, doors & windows, and even bikes.

The cap/bit holder houses 8 bits inside, plus one on the screwdriver already, you’ve got 9 carefully selected bits, which are sufficient for over 80% applications around the house, without carrying an extra case, pouch or anything.

29.9mm in diameter and 177mm in length, of the size of a marker and the weight of a cellphone, BS1 is very easy to carry/store and extremely handy.

iFu BS1 features 3 adjustable speeds (with a max of 260rpm), and boasts a torque of up to 1.0Nm. In the rare case where you need more than that, drive it manually and the torque goes as high as 5Nm. The transition from electric to manual is seamless, so you can work in safety and efficiency.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end February 29, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then here ✨ http://bit.ly/iFuBS1

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