HeadpOp Focus: World’s 1st Smart Pore Sebum Suction Device!

HeadpOp Focus – https://headpop-focus-world-s-1st-1.kckb.st/37c0ab67

“FOCUS MODE” runs evenly like a pulse to remove blackheads (without damage), and “WIFI MODE” allows skin management with a more direct

Existing pore vacuum products on the market focus solely on “super-powered suction” and motor performance.

As a result, their products cause severe skin irritation and leaves bruises or scars, making it difficult to continue using them. Keeping the skin undamaged is more important than completely removing sebum.

HEADPOP FOCUS uses a special solenoid valve which helps to minimize any irritation to the skin while maintaining the strong suction power, and eliminating sebum at the same time.

Unlike other sebum suction devices that constantly suck in, HEADPOP FOCUS alternates between suction and pause. This helps to prevent bruises and removes sebum with less irritation, so people with delicate or sensitive skin can use it too.

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