Great Idea – Inventors Club Makerspace for Kids – Build. Break. Fix. Repeat.

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We are creating a kid-friendly design workshop for creative collaborations and a fun learning experience. Invent to Learn! #makerspace

Let me tell you about a little boy named Logan. This little boy loves inventing things! He has been building and inventing around his house since he was 2 years old. The problem is there are very few STEM based (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs in his area that can help cultivate his creative skills. His parents searched all over to find an affordable program in a convenient location. They found a program called Inventors Club in their community. This program was designed to help foster creativity in Logan and other kids pre-k – 8th grade. Now, Logan will have the opportunity to explore options of becoming what he calls a ” Toy Fixer ” AKA Future Product Designer. This is Logan! 🙂

Inventors Club is a social enterprise established to improve students’ understanding in math, science, engineering and technology through interactive programs. We are in the process of building a makerspace located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We have partnered with a community organization that will allow us to lease space to build our makerspace. This will be the first pre-K-8th grade makerspace in metro Atlanta. Our program is designed to introduce kids to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opportunities. These young inventors have dreams of becoming designers, inventors, musicians, programmers, engineers, and architects. Our program has provided services to over 300 children in the past two years. We would like to provide an opportunity for more students to get involved in the STEM world. In order for our kids to compete in today’s society they must be involved with innovative solutions of today’s world.

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