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What is so revolutionary about iMotion?

The iMotion controller has three LED lights to establish the body’s position in 3D space. It determines the x, y and z coordinates as well as the angle of rotation and plane of elevation. iMotion houses a gyroscope and accelerometer, so you can use it at any angle and achieve a very high level of accuracy for action games and applications.

With an operational range from 1 to 16 feet, it’s the only motion controller that supports full 3D motion control. iMotion works with any standard webcam. At 30 frames per second and an astounding 0.08 in accuracy, it is 6 times faster and 10 times more accurate then the leading console’s motion tracking system.

For PC/Mac/Linux, the iMotion simulates the mouse so users can access any application in motion control mode, without any integration.`

The touch feedback technology built into iMotion uses bluetooth to send a signal to a haptic vibro-sensor in the actual controller. This allows you to get instant feedback, and adds “feel” to the virtual screen in front of you. There are 5 unique feedback channels that can change intensity and duration to provide different levels of feedback to replicate the unique “feel” of an object, movement or incident in the virtual 3D space.


Play your games and control your apps with haptic feedback (available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Oculus Rift). Real VR.

What is iMotion?

Do you know how in SciFi movies the hero sometimes controls the floating interface of a device with just a flick of his hands?

Well, that’s what we built. Our iMotion controllers provide a revolutionary way to have pinpoint-accurate 3D motion control across an incredible range of existing platforms and applications.

iMotion also features airtouch (haptic) feedback, which is a unique addition to the motion control experience. Both of these features make iMotion truly unique and all that at an attractive price point.

Where can I use iMotion?

iMotion creates a virtual touch screen, similar to a giant motion sensitive space in front of you. iMotion’s unique haptic feedback feature provides physical feedback so you can “feel” a virtual object being touched inside a game or application.

Any computer that can be controlled with a keyboard and mouse and a standard webcam can be controlled with iMotion. You can play First Person Shooter games or fighting games, or interact with 3D applications using your hands to move, open or rotate, and drag and drop 3D objects with high precision.

Use your body or your hand to control movements in virtual worlds. And, there’s no integration required! Just install our middleware on your PC/Mac/Linux computer and game away!

iMotion + vrAse

iMotion requires camera, and it can be embedded smartphone camera. Since vrAse use smartphone installed inside virtual glasses, software can use it. Both smartphone and iMotion have accelerometer and gyroscope build-in so software also can understand related orientation of iMotion – that is mean that you can use it like Virtual Hands with haptic feedback in Virtual and Augmented Reality games or like virtual touchscreen for mobile apps and games or augmented reality user interface.

How do I use iMotion?

Simply strap the iMotion controller to your hand, similar to a glove, and you are ready to control your PC or mobile with intuitive, natural gestures.

The iMotion controller is compatible with your existing games and applications, and allows you to replace your keyboard and mouse commands with gesture controls. All you need is the iMotion controller and our free toolkit (downloadable from our website).

What does iMotion offer for developers?

Use our Unity component to unveil new user experiences for your gaming content and applications. For Oculus Rift, by using our Virtual Hands SDK, you can even let users have hands in your virtual world (if you pledge for two iMotions, you get early access to this feature of the SDK).

In most cases, no significant modification of the gaming content or application is required, just integration of our Unity component with input/output functions!

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