FOLDEAT is the best new Lunchbox

FOLDEAT is A Modular Lunchbox That Unfolds Into An Eating Mat! Find the Best Deals on Amazon Launchpad – href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Foldeat has 15 unique features smartly integrated.

✔️ Shoulder strap for easy carry
✔️ Stackable containers stay secure
📱 Phone holder to keep you entertained
💧 Liquid container with insulation and screw cap
✔️ Small containers for dips, pills, snacks etc..
☕ 🧊 Gel packs for hot or cold temperature
✔️ Reversible so you get 2 styles
🧲 Magnetic clips for easy open and close
✔️Modular fit up to 4 containers
✔️ Insulated thermo layer
✔️Easy clean and washing machine / dishwasher safe
✔️ Separator for easy portioning

Packing and eating on the go have never been easier👏

Find the Best Deals on Amazon Launchpad –

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