EyeCube is the best Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera ✨

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Introducing Eyecube – the all-in-one designed solar powered security camera. It’s wireless, and easily installed, offer high-performance surveillance for both indoor and outdoor use. Also the most effective solution to short battery life, complex installation, expensive fees, and poor image quality.

After improvements and iterations, we have successfully shrunk down the solar-power system from a huge size into the size of an apple. With this portable size, it’s never easier to install and travel with it. Consistent monitoring has never been this easy.

Compare to conventional cameras, which come in large shapes and require complicated installation, EyeCube is smaller but keeping all features with perfect functions and able to absorb sunlight 270° with easy installation and uninstallation.

Powered by sunlight, basically no need to charge. The other main feature on EyeCube is its 3000 mAh battery and the PIR low consumption mode. When you turn on the PIR mode, the camera would only be activated when something appears within the capture range, and the mode only consumes about 30-40 mAh a day.

Find the Best Deals on Amazon Launchpad ✨ https://bit.ly/AmazonLaunchpadDeals


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