Epomaker GK96S 96% Southpaw (Left-Handed) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard ⌨️

Coming straight from our famed Epomaker GK68XS community, we’ve got you covered! Meet the Epomaker GK96S, a compact yet fully functional 96% wireless mechanical keyboard.

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It packs all 96 essential keys to boost your productivity but is designed with a more compact footprint. Thanks to its Synced-Work Function on multiple devices and the capability of easily switching between macOS and Windows systems, it becomes the perfect solution for every desk, no matter what device setup you have.

Two premium switch options are available, or you can take advantage of its hot-swappable feature to fully customize the keyboard to fit your preference. Dual connectivity modes (wired and wireless), plus the large 4,000 mAh battery makes it the best companion for even your on-the-go settings.

Compared to the ordinary keyboards, the Epomaker GK96S was born to free up your desk as well as providing a better portable experience without compromising on the perfect tactile typing experience. Let the ultimate Epomaker 96-key mechanical keyboard take your gaming and daily work to the next level!

Inspired by the mechanical keyboard community, we prioritized the need for a smaller footprint while preserving the number pad as well as all essential keys. However, we know there are few other mechanical keyboards in the market providing the 96-key layout. But unlike these bulky counterparts, the Epomaker GK96S was designed to be a mobile and compact device for any setting. Compared with the standard universal keyboard, it saves 35% more desk space and can easily fit in any backpack. Its lightweight body is constructed from high profile materials to maximize durability and tactile satisfaction.

Grab one using our affiliate link 👉 https://epomaker-gk96s-96-wireless.kckb.st/hypes

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