Epomaker GK68XS is the Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard ⌨️

Wireless & Wired | Hot-Swappable Gateron or Cherry MX Switches | Bluetooth 5.1 | Customizable Space Bar | MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android. Grab one using our affiliate link ⌨️ https://bit.ly/EpomakerGK68XS ⌨️

The GK68XS was designed by you, for you. Throughout our project development, we have constantly been in touch with mechanical keyboard communities and enthusiasts worldwide in an effort to design the best keyboard possible. We are now proud to present the culmination of over a year’s worth of our team’s R&D work. With 68-keys, the GK68XS is the perfect combination of compact design and quality construction with fully customizable functions. With dual connectivity modes (wireless or wired) and both Windows and Mac layouts, the GK68XS is the ultimate match for any device setup. It easily pairs with up to three devices at once to maximize productivity and ease of use. With its compact form and durable aluminum casing, the GK68XS is ready for any setting!

Check out the Epomaker GK68XS here ⌨️ https://bit.ly/EpomakerGK68XS ⌨️

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