Dullo Plus is the Best Cooling Pillow Ever❄️

Stay cool! It relieves the stress and tension of the entire body. Prevents night sweating & overheating! Grab one using our affiliate link for $59 (40% off retail) ✨ http://bit.ly/DulloPlus

The Cotton Shower team has planned, developed, and shipped 4 different types of pillows over the last 4-years. Each pillow has taught us more about how people sleep, how they want t sleep better, and how we can improve our pillows to make your sleep more enjoyable.

Each version has unique design improvements that provide sleepers with additional benefits that help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Our current pillow, the Dullo Plus, is our most advanced pillow to-date while it provides cooling comfort and neck relief at the same time. We strongly believe that you’ll enjoy every moment of sleep when you’re head is resting on a Dullo Plus.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end March 19, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then ✨ http://bit.ly/DulloPlus

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