Drank Tank – Drinking Evolved 2.0

Newest Trend in Drinking for 2015; Without the Calories, No Hangovers and a Faster Buzz

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We would like to introduce, The Drank Tank. It provides a revolutionary way of consuming non-alcoholic* drinks. The Drank Tank has been designed from the ground up for having a good time. The advantages of the Drank Tank is the ability to consume non-alcoholic* drinks without the calories, allows for a faster buzz, no hangovers, enhanced flavors (connoisseur’s be warned) and the effects of consuming non-alcoholic* liquids are felt immediately. We know you will enjoy it.
Because of the revolutionary nature of the Drank Tank’s approach to the consumption of non-alcoholic* drinks, it can be intimidating. However, it is simple, natural and enjoyable.

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