Demo Zambilight: Games light up your room with a TV andZambilight

Ambilight system for your television. Easy Installation. Save 60$ order now.
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Revolutionary Ambilight Colorful LED System for Your TV

What is Zambilight?

Zambilight is a portable LED lightshow for television bas on the famous Raspberry Pi compact computer.

Zambilight analyzes video signals from a TV or other video source and generates visual effects to enhance them using colorful LEDs. Zambilight calculates in real time colors for each LED which coincide with what is happening visually on the screen. It processes every video frame with rapid precision, resulting in no delay between when you see the onscreen video image and background LED color effect. The result is a dynamic and exciting light show to accompany what you are watching or playing.

The device is very compact, and requires no support from a PC for video analysis or LED control. It is a complete standalone device!

The Zambilight works by applying adhesive strips of LED lights to the back of your television before use. The strips are premium quality, and can easily be reapplied to another television after each use.

Installation of Zambilight is very simple and takes only 5-10 minutes depending on your screen size. The self-adhesive RGB LED strip is only 12mm wide, and is flexible and bendable. You can stick it to the sides of your monitor and bend it around the edges easily.

Every Zambilight Order Includes:

Lightpack device with high-quality LED strips and everything you need to install Zambilight (incl. Raspberry Pi) + Zambilight box with built-in HDMI splitter/HDMI2AV
Instruction DVD
Power Adaptors (for EU / US / UK / AU Plugs)


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