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Say hello to Skoog 2.0: the tactile instrument that connects you with your inner musician.
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What is Skoog?

Skoog is a new musical instrument and anyone can play it. Within seconds. Skoog removes the technical barriers to playing an instrument so that you can focus on your sound. You can be expressing yourself musically in less than a minute.

How is this possible?
The Skoog itself doesn’t actually make any sounds; its a squashy foam cube that acts as a controller for our bespoke software. Whilst you can choose to aim for the buttons when you’re playing the Skoog you don’t have to: the whole surface area of the cube is responsive.

The Skoog contains a sensor (our own design) that detects pressure on the foam – its not just sensitive to where the Skoog is being touched, but how it’s being touched.

This unparalleled sensitivity means that our sensor translates your actions – the things you do to and with the cube – into meaningful musical sounds. It is uniquely expressive.

What can you play?
Skoog lets you play along with your favorite tunes and tracks; play bass lines and melodies; improvise and jam; create your own parts and your own sounds; set up loops and layer them; add and control effects on the fly; remix live; compose and record your own music.

You can take it to the next level by hooking it up to other music software, like Abeleton, Logic and Garageband, and using it as a uniquely tactile and flexible multi-touch, multi-dimensional controller.

We’re on a mission to liberate the musician inside everyone.
The Skoogmusic team brings together expertise in music learning and performance, hardware and software design, coding, music technology & psychology, branding and business.

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