Demo – Maker Studio Arduino UNO Self-Balancing Bot # 1

The easiest Arduino UNO based self-balancing robot, controllable by Smart Phone, RC and more!
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The self-balancing Robot is an interesting educational toy. Many friends around us were trying to build one, but they encountered many challenges including the lack of the parts that are easy to assemble, suitable electronic circuits, and sample programs. So, we decided to make a self-balancing robot as simple as possible.

Thanks to Arduino team that almost every maker has one Arduino board in hand. Among those Arduino boards, Arduino UNO R3 is the most universal entry-level board. Arduino UNO is open source and there are huge of applications based it. We want to help those who has the similar idea of making a self-balancing robot based on the Arduino UNO.

Her it comes – Balanbot!

The Balanbot is a Arduino Based Self-balancing Robot Kit.

The Balanbot is Open Source and easy to assemble. It uses strong acrylic structures and keeps the robot balanced using its center of gravity. In order to achieve high-performance, we tests various torque-gear motors to ensure the robot will keep balance and move flexibly even if it gets pushed suddenly.

Building the Balanbot will be so much fun for novice and experienced robotics fans!
Typical Control Demonstration
To meet different needs, we implemented several ways to control the Balanbot. We believe the applications of Balanbot are unlimited and up to its users and their favorite devices and platforms.

Hardware Design
The Balanbot includes everything you need to make your own self-balancing robot: two high torque and high speed gear motors, wheels, acrylic structures, 18650 battery holder (batteries are not included), Balance Shield, and Arduino UNO-compatible board.

The Balanbot uses one 5mm and two 3mm thick acrylic boards and other accessories for its main structure. The 5mm board is used to fix the two motors. One of the 3mm boards is used to fix the battery and the other is for an Arduino-compatible board plus the Balance Shield.

The Balanbot is super easy to assemble and play! There are no complicated connections and it is fast to put together. It is suitable for kids and experienced makers as well. Thanks to the powerful Balance shield, it is much easier now to create a balancing robot than it was before.

The Balance Shield uses an MPU6050 which is the world’s first integrated 6-axis motion-tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. It connects to the Arduino UNO compatible board through the I2C interface. With this sensor, you can get stable angle when the Kalman filter is used.

The Balance Shield also integrated one L298P for driving motors. The L298P is a high voltage (50V), high current (2A) dual channel full-bridge driver. It can drive inductive loads such as relay, DC, and stepping motors.

There are also led indicators, a power switch and a buzzer on the Balance Shield. You can even write your own code to make it play a melody.

A universal serial interface is left for connecting adapters like serial Bluetooth and serial Wi-Fi for communicating with other devices. Four IO pins are left for connecting other sensors or RC receiver for making it more extensible.

Software Design
The Balanbot software explores almost all the resources of an Arduino UNO. The Kalman filter is used to combine the data from the gyroscope and the accelerometer together in order to get stable angle information. With optimized PID parameters we obtained after several months of testing, the Balanbot now has strong stability!

The controller accepting control messages comes from UART. It is easy to communicate with the Balanbot using adapters such as Bluetooth, serial Wi-Fi, etc.

The coolest fact is that the controller accepts up to 4 channel ppm signal from an RC receiver. It means that you can control the Balanbot with a Remote Controller, if you have one at hand.

We created an Android App and a PC software as well. You can control your Balanbot any way you want!

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